Our Unbiased Buysellads.com Review - Want To Buy & Sell Ads?

Looking to build quality premium PR8 or PR9 backlinks to your website but don't know where to start? At MedreamSEO.com we include full backlink building as part of our WOW! packages. What this means is that every client that joins with us can expect premium PR sites linking directly to them during the course of the first year of service. In fact, depending on the website and the availability of PR8 and PR9 backlink websites that are available within that category our clients can sometimes receive some of the very best link building strategies available, all fully inclusive.

The quality of link is of course far better than the quantity and any site with a PR4 - PR9 should be considered of great value, but that depends solely on whether the site in question itself is within the category of the linked site. As a customer you should of course be extremely cautious of websites that charge just $10's or $20's for links, and concentrate only on building backlinks that are relevant, targeted and are part of an overall SEO strategy, such as what we provide here at MedreamSEO.com.

Looking for back links for sale in Google will return a plethora of different businesses offering you the opportunity to purchase backlinks that have already received an esteemed Google PR level. In fact it is not uncommon for sites with a PR8 or PR9 to sell their outbound links for several hundred if not thousands of dollars, but buying links can 'sometimes' in itself carry a certain degree of risk which is why free backlinks that really are part of a better marketers strategy.

With regards to which country your links are outbound from is not really that significant in itself, and should a UK site provide a backlink to a US site, or a Hong Kong site link out to a site in Canada the relevance is still exactly the same.

Remember, when thinking of building backlinks - think quality & relevance.